Protect key infrastructure for local food supply

For the ‘good food’ to flow to all corners of the city we need efficient and effective processing, distribution and storage networks and facilities. Distribution of local and regional foods enabled through food ‘hubs’: physical places for buying and selling that serve both retail and wholesale food outlets.

Any future ‘Bristol Development Framework’ has to protect infrastructure essential to food supply. Central to this we must retain Bristol’s flagship wholesale fruit and vegetable market in St Philips, supporting independent regional supply chains & good food enterprise.

If Bristol were to lose this resource it would result in a significant loss of local jobs and in turn cause a domino effect for thousands of producers throughout the South West and further afield, and for hundreds of caterers and independent retailers.

»» The UK imports 90% of our fruit and 60% of our vegetables each year. (Food Matters, UK Cabinet Office 2008).

»» At the beginning of 1990s the ‘Big Four’ supermarkets accounted for 50% of all British food shopping, by 2010 this had risen 75%.

»» If the Bristol wholesale fruit and vegetable market were to collapse, then the next nearest market for South West producers would be Birmingham or London.