Redistribute, recycle and compost food waste

Food waste is a massive issue for us all, not only in financial terms but also in terms of energy and carbon waste. The statistics are staggering with an estimated third of the world’s entire food production currently wasted, contributing to rising food prices, resource over-use and global warming.

In a sustainable food city, food waste would be actively discouraged and all fit for purpose food is redistributed. Food waste collection would be accurately measured and monitored. Affordable solutions enable commercial food waste collections, including options for hotels, cafes & restaurants.

All energy and nutrients from domestic & commercial food waste would be returned to food production in or around the city and the vast majority of the city’s residents would participate in food waste reduction.

»» An estimated 40% of food produced in the UK is wasted, along various stages of supply chain. (‘The Food We Waste’, WRAP 2009).

»» Bristol’s ‘Feeding the 5000’ events in 2012 and 2013 served 10,000 delicious hot meals free, using food that would have otherwise have been wasted.

»» Bristol’s household food waste collections, the first in the UK (since wartime), have led to close up in 20,000 tonne reduction in household waste.