Transform Bristol’s food culture

The change that must happen with our daily interaction with food must start from the kitchen tables of our homes: fresh, local, ‘good food’, cooked from scratch. While the nation’s favourite celebrity chefs tempt us with their delicious recipes, ready cooked convenience meals and takeaway food are still the norm for most.

Bristol has always been a pioneering city with a healthy dose of DIY culture. There are many excellent examples of Bristol’s food culture changing for the better in our schools, hospitals, restaurants, cafes, shops, and businesses. There are food-growing projects happening on derelict land, accessible cookery lessons for all, food festivals showcasing regional delights and local organic farms supplying fresh vegetables straight into the city.

However, as a city we have to do so much more. Food growing around the city should be highly visible. Bristol should lead the way as a world leader in creating enjoyable opportunities for people of all ages to learn new skills and experience the pleasure of growing and cooking good food. We need to increase the number of quality jobs throughout the food sector and eliminate food poverty.

»» Bristol’s ‘Healthy Schools’ programme worked with over 50 schools to significantly reduce the amount of sweets and crisps in packed lunches and increase the fruit and vegetables consumed.

»» Bristol City was the first city in England and Wales to recieve the UNICEF ‘babyfriendly’ award for its work on breast feeding.